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Blood types and diversity

2017-02-06T17:13:11+00:00 Blood Donation|

by Nertila-Rebecca Marta Looking around us, it is easy to see that people have many different characteristics, whether it be skin colour, hair colour, height or weight. What is less obvious is a person’s blood type. The most common blood types are based on the AB0 blood system. However, there is a small percentage of [...]

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Blood Donation and Global Impact

2017-02-06T17:14:56+00:00 Blood Donation, BloodLink Community|

By Roxanne Batty This is a tranlsated article, originally written in Danish for Iværksætteren Magazine. BloodLink is a startup at the cross field of technology, experimental design, healthcare and social entrepreneurship. In short, BloodLink has developed a solution that will alleviate the shortage of donor blood and help manage blood donation in developing countries across [...]

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5 Reasons Donating Blood can Boost your Health

2017-02-06T17:16:32+00:00 Blood Donation|

By Priya Malhotra Kudos to all you blood donors out there who volunteer to save lives! But did you know that as well as helping others, you have also helped yourself in unexpected ways? Epidemiological studies suggest that there is a link between blood donation and good health. Donating regularly has been shown to help [...]

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A Step by Step Guide to Blood Donation

2017-02-06T17:17:27+00:00 Blood Donation|

By Roxanne Batty Ever wondered about donating blood, but unsure of the process? Or maybe you have donated blood, but you want to know where the blood goes or how it is used. Leaping into the unknown can be an unnerving process, so we at BloodLink felt it might be useful for you to get [...]