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Building trust with the people-centric approach

2017-02-06T17:11:28+00:00 BloodLink Community, Startup|

By Roxanne Batty If a company really wants to help people, it follows that people should be at the centre of all its processes. However many businesses still struggle to think in a people-centric way, partly due to the many layers involved when making this strategic decision. It can be a difficult process to understand [...]

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BloodLink joins a global movement

2017-02-06T17:14:28+00:00 Startup|

By Katrine Winther Erlendsson On any entrepreneurial journey there are big decisions to make. For us at BloodLink, we are at a particularly exciting stage where many new opportunities crop up from many different directions. To decide which road to go down can inevitably be a challenge, but we are guided by the fact that [...]

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Work for a Startup – Put Your Career in the Spotlight

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By Priya Malhotra If you believe in the power of imagination and dare to think beyond the obvious, you are meant for the startup world. As a student or a fresh graduate you are brimming with ideas. You want to work on them, manifest them and contribute towards making an impact. Sure, working in a [...]

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Dare to be Different. Dare to be a Social Entrepreneur

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By Priya Malhotra A conversation with BloodLink’s Founder and CEO, Amit Lohiya, about his take on Social Entrepreneurship. Why Social Entrepreneurship? I always wanted to find a way of solving problems involving social issues in a sustainable way. Social entrepreneurship allows me to create an organization that is neither “all for profit” nor an NGO. [...]