5 Reasons Donating Blood can Boost your Health


Kudos to all you blood donors out there who volunteer to save lives! But did you know that as well as helping others, you have also helped yourself in unexpected ways?

Epidemiological studies suggest that there is a link between blood donation and good health. Donating regularly has been shown to help your body manage iron levels better and minimize the risk of imbalance in the body.

Five more positive health impacts from donating blood include:

Reduced Risk of Heart Attack

Donating blood at least once a year can reduce the risk of heart attack by 88% according to a study conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Donating blood regularly keeps iron levels in check. Iron is an essential element for proper functioning of the body, but excessive iron build up can result in oxidative damage, which can lead to heart attacks. When you donate blood regularly, blood regeneration happens more quickly, and the oxidation of cholesterol slows down.

Additionally, blood flows more smoothly after donation and can prevent the accumulation of fat and cholesterol oxidation in the coronary arteries walls. This can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Excess iron in the body has also been associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Phlebotomy was found to be an iron reduction method that is associated with lower cancer risk and mortality, according to a study published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Patients who regularly donated blood had a lower risk of developing cancer than those who did not.

Free Health Checkup

The series of health check-ups performed on the donor before the blood donation process are absolutely free of charge. This could help to diagnose any indolent diseases at an early stage before they flare up. Furthermore, after blood is donated, the blood and blood products derived from them are screened for certain infections. You can choose to be informed if they find any abnormality in those screening tests.

Burn Calories

One time blood donation helps you shed up to 650 Kcal. This can aid you in your body weight control measures, although it is very important that you drink plenty of fluids and eat some snacks after blood donation. Also, if you don’t need to lose weight, be sure to eat extra on that day. So go on, have that extra piece of cake!

A Happy Being

Blood donation does wonders for your mental health. The joy of saving lives and making a difference is tremendous – when we do good, we feel good! Plus, every time you donate blood, you can help up to 3 or 4 individual recipients – your blood has helped somebody to see the light of another day.

So what’s stopping you? Improve your health, improve others’ health, and feel the joy of doing your bit for the world today. Go Donate!

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